Reviews From Clients And Music Industry Professionals

Bob Leone is a fantastic human being. I must start off with that sentence because I truly believe it. Bob reached out to me via Facebook, and at first I was so shocked that he wanted to work with me, as I had heard of him and his work with Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, and John Legend. I could not fathom that he actually thought my music could be something someday. I called him that very night and we had a very connective conversation, and planned our first consultation. Prior to the consultation, I shared lots of music with Bob via text and Facebook messenger, and he was very receptive and provided me with great advice and helpful critiques. When we met for our consultation session, Bob and I had an absolutely fabulous conversation. We discussed not just music and my songs and writing skills, but also philosophy, life in general, and the struggles we have both gone through. I can’t wait to work with Bob more, and I could not recommend this man more strongly. He is truly a wonderful person and genuinely cares about his clients. If you have the opportunity to work with Bob, I promise that it is completely worth it! Thank you Bob, I am so grateful to you. Thank you for helping me believe that I can and will make it in this industry someday. It truly means the world to me.
~ Bella Bromberg

I feel extremely fortunate and honored to have Bob Leone as a part of my journey as an artist. When we first met on Skype, we hit it off and I knew he had come into my life by no accident. I sent him four songs, three that will be on my debut album. Not only did he study my songs intricately, but he actually recited some of my lyrics during our feedback session. Bob offered his valuable opinions, and expressed how much he believed in me and my message. He embraced who I am and saw gold in my differentness, rather than trying to convince me to do what everyone else is doing in the current pop market. That means so much to me as a young songwriter, that someone like him believes in my vision as much as I do. I didn’t take his words lightly, and I was anxious to begin applying the advice he gave me. Bob has an impressive background. His knowledge is obvious and evident through his song critiques and business advice. Bob’s kindness to me did not stop there, however. After our consultation, he sent me in the direction of eyes and ears who can help me get to where I am supposed to go next, to start making my vision a reality. In the short time I’ve known him, he has become not only a mentor, but an encouraging trusted friend who has been only one text or phone call away. Bob’s a special and rare man you will not come across often in the music industry. If you ever get the opportunity of chatting with him, don’t hesitate. You will not be disappointed.

~ Dani Skylar
Solo Emo Pop Punk Singer Songwriter
Berklee College of Music, Achievement Scholarship

Bob Leone’s song critiques, insights on the music industry, and thoughtful advice is invaluable to any artist who is ready to kickstart their career. His warm personality and personalized suggestions are extremely helpful and motivating. I am extremely grateful for the conversations I’ve had with him, and to know him. It is inspiring to have individualized guidance from someone who has the experience he has in the music industry. He most certainly knows the ins and outs. Thanks again for all your help Bob!

~ Ally Ahern
Artist & Songwriter
Berklee College of Music

Hi Bob, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your time, your wisdom and your experience so generously last night. It was a real pleasure to talk with you on every level. Although I have been honing my creative process for many years, it can still feel very vulnerable to offer songs and ideas to the world when they don’t seem to ‘fit’ in any existing ‘places.’ You validated me and my work on such a deep level last night. It was the confidence boost I needed to inspire me to keep going towards my goals. I know you are a man of great experience in this industry and for you to be so positive about my music means a great deal. I now have lots of food for thought and opportunities to carve out in order to find innovative ways to not just survive but thrive in the crazy, uncertain times ahead.
So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Stay safe and well.
Love and respect,
Elizabeth Anne Jones

Bob Leone’s understanding of music and the industry is second to none. He pays attention not only to the professionalism and vision of an artist, but also to the genuine intricacies of the music. He sees and feels the smallest nuances within a piece and thus gives invaluable feedback and advice. This is so rare in today’s world. He is an individual with a bright spirit and mind who has navigated the waters of the industry many times and his heart still remains full of kindness and in the right place – with the music. Sometimes in an unexpected turn, life surprises us. I can say Bob is such a wonderful turn. He is a complete pleasure to interact with as a human being and musician. I am truly looking forward to building the musical friendship!

~ Dina Layzis

What can I say about Bob Leone? Definitely a gentleman, scholar, maestro of music and songwriting counselor extraordinaire. I could go on and on. From our first contact, I felt his excitement and enthusiasm to hear my music. It is very rare to find that level of passion and respect from an industry professional. Knowledgeable and kind, supportive without sugar coating, Bob is AUTHENTIC. He is sincere in every word he speaks and every idea, insight and intention he shares. His incredible ability to grasp and bring forth creative ideas, and to see the logic in the grass roots marketing strategies and branding I’ve done was inspiring. Finally someone got it. Someone I could discuss it with. This is a man you can trust and count on to go the extra mile for you. He approaches everything he does with the greatest integrity, passion and character. Do yourself a huge favor and schedule a consultation. You have no idea where it might lead you and what you might learn in the process.

~ Dalien, aka 13 HANDS
Two-time Grammy Indie Award nominee

Bob is a treasure trove of insights regarding the ever-changing music industry. His vast experience is invaluable, and he genuinely loves music, the music business and creative people. It’s always a treat to talk to Bob and get his take on the “lay of the land.” His enthusiasm is inspiring and his feedback and joy in being part of the music community makes a conversation with him very worthwhile. Anyone desiring a “sounding board,” so to speak, would be well-advised to give Bob a call.

~ Julia Douglass
Singer/ Songwriter/Producer

Savvy and insightful, music industry pro and songwriting mentor, Bob Leone, has repeatedly been voted one of our most popular guest listeners. At times, hearing up to twenty songs from a variety of performers in a two-hour period, Bob’s feedback to each artist on their songs and their career development is instinctively and intelligently presented attesting to his many years in the biz. His acute songcrafting guidance justifies his established seat in the pantheon of artist discovery and management.

~ Keter Braun
Recording Artist Development (RAD)

Bob Leone is a music industry veteran who has seen it all, and thus knows the do’s and don’ts for surviving in today’s “Wild West” of the music biz. He is an advocate for talented and determined artists who are committed to advancing their careers. His encouragement and insight are invaluable. Bob is intelligent, thoughtful, and a great listener, while he is also decisive and frank – all qualities an artist should look for when seeking a coach. Having Bob in your corner is a serious feather in your cap.

~ Joel Henry Stein

One of the pleasures of my life that has brought so many talented and wonderful people into my existence was conducting workshops for the Songwriters Hall of Fame for 15 years. This happened because one person, Bob Leone, who was the National Projects Director of this prestigious organization, thought it would be a good idea for me to do so. Bob has since become one of my dearest friends and always surprises me with his talent for finding artists who become iconic, like Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey. He sees something in these artists that the average person would and could never see. He has the ability to find the “needle in the haystack” and bring out the best in these artists. I value our friendship, which has been long-standing, and the successes we’ve shared. I always wait for the phone call that tells me that he has been mining new talent that I should pay attention to, which I always do.

~ Bob Cutarella
Multiple Grammy Award-winning producer

I am privileged to have known Bob Leone for over 25 years. I first met him as a workshop student at the Songwriters Guild of America and later at the Songwriters Hall of Fame/National Academy of Popular Music in NYC, where he was the National Projects Director. Bob was and still is passionate about excellence in artistry and is a talented musician himself. He encouraged every emerging artist, but I felt special when he selected me as a featured performer in the very first Songwriters Hall of Fame Showcase (SHOF). Those showcases were prime exposure for young artists, as the venues were always packed with industry executives and artists who were excited to see who Bob had chosen. Bob became the face of SHOF and was respected for his ability to pick songwriters and artists who would go on to have big careers, like Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, John Legend, Rachel Platten and Joan Osborne. I was showcased in many of those events, and one year, after he had awarded me and my co-writer, Stephanie Lewis, the coveted Abe Olman Scholarship for Excellence in Songwriting, he showed the video of my performance of our winning song to the producers of SHOF’s Annual Induction Gala. Because of that, I was included in that year’s show with Billy Joel, Liza Minnelli and Mark Cohn. Bob was a go-getter when it came to supporting artists. When I was signed to EMI Music and experienced a few #1 hits and received a Dove Award for Inspirational Song of the Year, I approached Bob to teach a songwriting workshop. I had been a student in one of those classes years before and loved it. Bob and I began a working relationship that lasted for over 10 years. I consider him a dear friend. He is a great man to work with, always open to new ideas, and we were very productive over that time. Bob always sent talented artists to my workshops. One of them was Lana Del Rey, a truly unique and gifted young woman. Besides his many years as National Projects Director of SHOF, Bob has also been a caring consultant, doing business heart-first with his clients.

~ Lorraine Ferro
Award-winning singer/songwriter with #1, Gold and Platinum hits
Featured contestant on The Voice, Season 3
Artist coach of “Free Your Voice, Free Yourself”

Relationships are key to any business, but in the music business they are pivotal and Bob Leone knows it. He also lives it. From family to friends to colleagues, he gives generously of both his time and spirit, and as someone who has known him for over 15 years I can happily say all of this with both certainty and gratitude. That’s because with Bob at the helm of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, my formative years there did more than sculpt my craft with the incredible workshops, open mics and networking events he ran. They sculpted my heart — first, with the constant encouragement he gave as we were all finding our way, then with his genuine excitement as we started finding success. And, most meaningful on a personal level, when this all came beautifully full-circle when he asked me to write for two very special artists. While that’s indeed a huge thrill, it’s even more of a thrill knowing that this was all made possible because of our longstanding and long inspiring relationship. One which I cherish now and always will.

~ Susan Friend

Bob has been a major influence on establishing my career as a songwriter. I first met Bob when I attended one of his song critique sessions at the Songwriters Guild of America (SGA) in 1985. He introduced me to music publisher David Renzer, who was instrumental in developing a songwriter collaboration (with Alex Forbes) that resulted in my song, “Don’t Rush Me,” becoming a huge chart hit for Arista recording artist, Taylor Dayne. Bob has been very supportive throughout my career and I owe a lot to him. He is honest and passionate and has the gift of surrounding himself with true talent!

~ Jeff Franzel
​Platinum-selling songwriter with hits by Josh Groban, ‘NSYNC, Shawn Colvin, Placido Domingo, Raven Symone and many others.​
​Pianist and arranger for Billy Joel’s country tribute album on Warner Bros Records.​
Pianist for Lady Gaga in preparation for her Oscar debut performance in February of 2015

Bob was one of the first industry pros I met when I first moved to NYC to pursue a career in songwriting and we’ve been friends and colleagues ever since. He’s been instrumental (as it were) in the careers of countless up-and-coming artists and songwriters, thanks to his knack for seeing and hearing their potential long before others do. Bob also gave me my first teaching gig in 1990 at the Songwriters Hall of Fame, which led to my teaching courses at New York University Steinhardt, the ASCAP Foundation and many other organizations. Incidentally, he’s also a swell person!
​​~ Alex Forbes
Hit songwriter of “Don’t Rush Me,” (#2 Pop, #3 AC, #6 Dance), “Too Turned On” (#6 Dance), and “Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix” (#19 Pop).
Writer of songs featured in the Denzel Washington film, Déjà Vu, as well as on the TV programs Dance Moms, Nurse Jackie and many more.
Author of the inspirational songwriting guide, Write Songs Right Now.

Private Skype Sessions with Bob Leone

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Consultation Scheduling and Price

Bob is now scheduling a limited number of slots for his next series of one-on-one Skype consultations. During these sessions, he will discuss, in depth, your songs’ lyrics, melody, structure, title, concept and commercial potential. He will also answer your questions about the music industry and advise you as to what you need to know to move to the next level.

Currently, the fee for this unique service is $250.00 for a 90 minute session. Please note: There is a limit to the number of artists and non-performing songwriters to whom this service will be made available. If you’re interested in booking a session, please send an email to: Subject line: CONSULTATION REQUEST. Please provide your name, email address, phone number and website address, if you have one. Also, please indicate how you heard about this service. You’ll get a reply directly from Bob within 24 hours. Thank you.

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